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Psst. Hi! I'm Dana ~ I joined a while ago, but haven't posted until now. *waves to everyone* I am not good at decent introductions, only long ones. I'm teeange but mostly mature for my age (sometimes), and I'm an aspiring author who dabbles in about 5 million different fandoms and I write original science-fiction as well. I am also incredibly laid-back. Also also, I like pie. Leave me a comment if you like pie.

... the point of this entry?

I was trying to write a drabble yesterday. 100 words for a challenge. I ended up with twelve pages written without the challenge even being finished - and on top of that the twelve pages fit EXACTLY in the dedication book I'm working on that I'm trying to avoid. For the first time in my life I've actually written TOO MUCH. I'm vaguely tempted to burn it, but the more I try the more I end up actually liking it. I keel inspiration for inspiring me when I don't want to be inspired. o_O

Has anyone else has this problem, or am I insane for not liking inspiration?
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