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Talk on talkers, talk on.

....we just can't help it.

8/26/04 10:10 pm - sandimyth - This always happens to me...

Do you have the problem where you never want to talk about something because it always puts you in an icky mood but you wind up opening your mouth and start blabbing on anyways?

8/20/04 07:32 pm - living4thepast - Buenos Tardes, Seniorita

Hello, Sandi, darling. I have now joined your community of people who never shut up. You know me. I'm one of them. ;)

Love you always,

8/19/04 04:18 pm - sandimyth - Blah, blah! Welcome!

I've never considered myself a big talker but I realize that when I get around the right people I go on and on. So I made this community because I want to be able to stop myself before it's too late lol.

The mod,

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