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Talk on talkers, talk on.

....we just can't help it.

5/19/06 10:54 pm - cardboardxrobot

my name is leah
im a talkaholic
sometimes i have to ramble on at night, and this seems like a great place to do it.
tonights ramlbing seems to be about liars
i dont understand why people have to lie.
lying.. it gets you know where
we all have our moments where we lie a little
but when you lie blantly about something.. and you KNOW IT
its ridiculous and is basically killing the friendship
just a thought.
from my many ...

thanks for the add as well!

7/23/05 10:43 pm - sassmatazz

I wish people could go without sleep..I mean we could choose not to sleep for a whole day but we still end up dozing our heads off. The only reason why I'm going against sleep is because of the amount of time it takes up. The least amount of sleep we should get is 4-5 hours..and if I think about it I could get a lot of things done during that time. I love the feeling of getting sleepy and dozing to shebang dreams..but I hate waking up and seeing i've slept for 8 hours (on an average day)..eightt hours of what? sleep? ahahah i don't know maybe i'm just being silly.

7/5/05 08:51 am - killabunnies - 8:51 am? And i'm awake?!

hey everyone.
I talk way too much. I shouldn't celebrate it but I'm also extremely self-absorbed, as most people who talk too much are.
Just wanted to introduce myself.

6/23/05 05:23 pm - myinsidestory

Please check out our community. http://www.livejournal.com/community/for_your_eyes/

We have two projects ongoing at the moment, The Pages Project and the Alternate Book Project. Both projects encourage people to participate and add contribution. You may write, draw, do anything as long as you honestly express who you are. If you check out the community we have several Pages scanned showing other people's contributions, and if you look around you will find all the information you need to know for each project. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

6/23/05 06:40 am - captainrasmot - a theory on PPE

Hiya i'm one of the new guys and i'm just posting a theory on PPE (plasma pulse engines)

What i believe a PPE is is a engine that can propel a ship using a plasma pulse wave to generate speeds faster than the speed of light......what the speed is measured in is PLS (pulse light speed) which is times the speed of light in other words its 300.000^2 KM/s times oh say 5 PLS which equals 450000.0000 KM/s

thank you for your time......if you don't like it please tell me ^^;;

6/7/05 12:54 pm - dramashark - !

Psst. Hi! I'm Dana ~ I joined a while ago, but haven't posted until now. *waves to everyone* I am not good at decent introductions, only long ones. I'm teeange but mostly mature for my age (sometimes), and I'm an aspiring author who dabbles in about 5 million different fandoms and I write original science-fiction as well. I am also incredibly laid-back. Also also, I like pie. Leave me a comment if you like pie.

... the point of this entry?

I was trying to write a drabble yesterday. 100 words for a challenge. I ended up with twelve pages written without the challenge even being finished - and on top of that the twelve pages fit EXACTLY in the dedication book I'm working on that I'm trying to avoid. For the first time in my life I've actually written TOO MUCH. I'm vaguely tempted to burn it, but the more I try the more I end up actually liking it. I keel inspiration for inspiring me when I don't want to be inspired. o_O

Has anyone else has this problem, or am I insane for not liking inspiration?

6/3/05 07:56 pm - sandimyth - But who?

Sometimes...I really wish somebody would stop me.

2/8/05 07:36 am - sandimyth - Sometimes these subject things really bother me...

So, I think I've finally met the one talker who could talk me out any conversation. Seriously guys, this dude takes the cake. He should be our mascot or something lol.

I met him at the storage unit place I used in December. He was just so loud and hilarious I kept thinking to myself "I'll regret it forever if I don't become friends with this guy." So I gave him number and invited to come hang out with me and my friends. That was only last week though. I have a feeling I'm going to get some great story ideas from this guy too.

Yeah I'm also a writer. I can go on for hours or pages!

10/6/04 07:19 am - sandimyth - Singing?

Anyone else just sing for the heck of it too?

8/29/04 11:15 pm - sandimyth - Biff face!


I want to talk so bad I'll literally just say "blah, blah, blah!"
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